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Longhorns Football: Driving To Victory

footballIt’s finally here – the University of Texas Longhorns have entered the Charlie Strong Era.  After decades of Mac Brown’s leadership, UT Football has a brand new beginning.  What will the Strong Era bring?  Only time will tell.  One thing is for certain, though – getting to the game is going to be as challenging as ever. The UT Football program has been one of the most successful college football programs ever, not just in terms of wins, but in terms of popularity.  In 2008, ESPN ranked UT Football as the seventh most prestigious college football program since 1936, with the second most wins in college football history, second only to the University of Michigan.  With the second most bowl appearances of any college football team in the country (52), winning 27 of those bowl games, the Longhorns have been in the top 25 teams in AP/Coaches rankings 48 times and in the top ten 28 times, more than any other team.  There’s no question that the Longhorns deserve the loyalty they receive from their fans. The problem is, how do you get to the game?  Traveling through Austin, Texas can be a nightmare, even on the best of days, but game day at Darrell K. Royal Stadium can be especially harrowing.  In 2014, UT plays the majority of its games in Texas:

2014 Longhorns Schedule

2014 Longhorns Schedule

Parking can be expensive, with even public parking garages going for $20 per game, which doesn’t include getting you from the garage to the stadium.  Street parking is nonexistent.  You can catch the Longhorns Express bus at several places around Austin, if the games are at Royal Stadium, but you have to rely on finding a spot at the pickup lot and then waiting for the bus both before and after the game. Purchasing a parking permit is even more expensive, not to mention time consuming.  Traffic through the center of Austin on the way to the stadium can be backed up for what seems like hours, while you’re waiting, wasting your gas, only to have to walk to get to the stadium; if you’re not a student, your parking permit can put you several blocks away from the stadium. What’s the alternative?  Let someone else do the driving.  Hiring a car service to take you to and from the game not only makes sense from a time standpoint, it makes financial sense.  Let’s look at just the time you spend driving yourself to the stadium.  It’s hot, at least in the beginning of the season.  You’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Getting into the parking lot takes as much time as it takes to get into downtown Austin. With a car service, you leave the driving to someone else.  You and your friends can sit back, relax and get to the stadium with plenty of time to spare, without the hassle of having to walk from a remote parking lot.  You can read the paper, enjoy your favorite beverage, trade stories of past Longhorn games you’ve attended, even plan for how you’re going to celebrate the victory.  You arrive at the game in style, without the stress of driving yourself, ready to cheer the Longhorns to another win. Out-of-town games are even better when you hire a car service.  You can rely on a seasoned, professional driver to know the way to the stadium in Lubbock, Arlington or Dallas.  You don’t have to worry about parking or getting lost; your driver takes care of all that. What better way to help usher in the Charlie Strong Era of UT Football than to hire an executive car service to get you to the game.  Call us now and we’ll get you set up so you don’t miss a minute of what will be one of the most exciting years of UT Football in a long time.

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