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Are You Ready For Football?

file0001998098992Preseason football has gotten underway in earnest and September 4, the beginning of the 2014 NFL season, is right around the corner.  Imagine being able to sit in the stadium with thousands of other rabid fans, watching your favorite team kick the competition.  There’s nothing like sitting in the stands as your team runs roughshod over the opposition’s defense.  The running back blows by his blockers toward the end zone.  The defense knocks the other team’s quarterback on his back, 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage.  And then, interception … 89-yard run-back … TOUCHDOWN!

Are you ready for kickoff?  Have you gotten tickets?

Wait – tickets?  To an NFL game?  The closest NFL teams to Austin are in Houston and Dallas.  It takes three hours to get to Cowboy Stadium just outside Dallas, two-and-a-half hours to get to NRG in Houston.  It takes several hours to get there and on a Sunday – or worse, a Thursday night – it can be a nightmare, especially when you’re dealing with traffic.

For die-hard football fans, getting tickets to see a pro game live, in person, can be a dream come true.  But that drive.  Oh … that drive.  But there is a better way.

Have you thought about hiring a car service to get you to the game and back?  Sure, you have your own car, but think about it – the expense of the gas to get there, the frustration of sitting in traffic, paying for and finding a place to park and then the drive home.  Ugh.  It’s more of a nightmare than a dream.  The parking alone at NRG Stadium is almost $30, if you can find parking right at the stadium, and you have to purchase your parking pass well in advance of the game.  A season parking pass at Cowboy Stadium is over $600!!!

Having someone else do the driving takes all that frustration and expense out of your hands, especially if it’s someone with years of experience in transporting people to and from special events, and what isn’t special about going to an NFL game live?

Your driver picks you up right on time, taking into account traffic, so you arrive at the stadium as the doors open.  On your way, you can sit back, relax, enjoy an adult beverage, watch a movie or the pre-game show.  Your driver is in control of the situation every step along the way.  You and your friends can just focus on the game, building anticipation along the drive, without the worry or hassle everyone else is dealing with.

Once the game is over, you’re tired.  The last thing you want to do is drive all the way back to Austin.  Oh wait – you don’t have to worry about it!  Your driver is there, waiting where he said he was going to be, ready to whisk you back home in comfort.  You can celebrate the win or sit back, even take a snooze and before you know it, you’re back in Austin, right at your front door.

Don’t let the thought of driving to Dallas or Houston stop you from getting those tickets to your favorite team’s game!  Let Austin Choice Limousine take the hassle of driving out of your hands, making the game of a lifetime the best Sunday afternoon you’ve spent in years.  Call us now to reserve your car for the big day!

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