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Austin Prom 2014 – A Girl’s Timeline

Prom season is looming and it’s crazy exciting! The dress, the hair, the shoes, the date, the limo! So many choices, so many decisions! It can be a little overwhelming. Here’s a quick timeline to help you figure out what to do and when!


 1 month out (now!):

  •  Book a limo/car – limo services book up fast this time of year, so to make sure you get the ride you want, call Austin Choice Limo now! (Or reserve online!)
  • Start dress shopping  – skip the department stores and head to clearance stores like Ross or TJ Maxx – they’ve got the same dresses for a lot less. If your style is a little funky, head to a thrift store or a vintage shop! Think outside the box – a beautiful skirt and a t-shirt can be a fun look that’s way more comfortable!
  • Find a date! Again, think outside the box – you don’t have to have a romantic date for prom – a group of your best friends can be a lot more fun, with less pressure and anxiety! If you really want a more traditional “date-date” – don’t be scared to ask the person you like! Don’t have a current crush? Find somebody you’d like to get to know, and ask them!

3 weeks out

  • Accessories: Now is the time to start looking at shoes, purses, and jewelry.  When it comes to your shoes, you have three things to consider – style, comfort, and price. Pick two of those that are most important to you! Remember – prom is ultimately a school dance, and you want to be able to dance – if you don’t usually wear heels, plan on practicing a lot before the big night!
  • Before and after plans: talk to your date (or dates, if you’re going with a group) and decide if you’ll want a nice dinner before prom, or something fun and quick.  If you’re going with a group, be aware that not everyone has the same budget, and be understanding. If you want to go somewhere fancy, make reservations.  Before you plan your after-party events, discuss curfew and expectations with your parents. Do this now, well before the event, so that everyone has time to think, discuss, and if need be, negotiate. (Be willing to compromise –it’s a sign of maturity.)
  • Get pretty: Now is the time to start airbrush tanning, teeth whitening, and skin clearing. If your hair needs a trim, do it now – your hair needs time to “settle” after a cut to look its best. If you color your hair, now is the time to touch up your roots.  If you plan on tanning, start now, with the lightest shade, and work up to a darker shade. Prep your skin with an at-home facial, and start a nightly skin routine that includes cleansing (take off your make up every night, without fail!) and moisturizing, and use a daily moisturizer with spf every day. Cut back on coffee and dark sodas, too, if you’re whitening your teeth!  If you plan on having your hair, nails or make up done, make those appointments.

2 weeks out

  • Break in your shoes: walk around the house in them, dance in your room. Stomp around on the driveway to scuff up the soles, or rub them with sand paper.  JLaw might look like a princess when she falls in a fancy dress, but not everybody is JLaw.
  • Verify your reservations: If you’ve booked a limo, call them and check in. Verify your dinner reservations. If you’ve made beauty appointments, check on those as well.
  • Flowers: Order your date’s boutonniere. If you’re going with a group, order your corsage. (Just because you don’t have a traditional date doesn’t mean you don’t deserve flowers! Go for it, girl!)

1 week out

  • Relax: Meditate, do yoga, go for a walk – it’s an exciting time but nothing to stress out about! Remember, stress causes bloating and pimples.
  • Try on your dress: Get dressed head to toe – make sure everything fits the way it ought to – from your bra to your jewelry. Stand in front of the mirror and admire how pretty you are. Twirling is optional but recommended. If you’re doing your own hair and make up, this is the time to do a practice run.

3 days before

  • Pack your purse: Check out this infographic on what to put in your purse
  • Finalize negotiations: If you’re still working on after party plans with your parents, now is the time to finalize things. Don’t wait until the last minute – no one needs that stress. Make a last ditch effort and then accept their decision. No pouting.

The day before

  • Shower:  Today should be the last day you wash your hair. Day-old hair holds a curl better, and is easier to fix into an up-do. Shave your legs, then exfoliate them, then shave again.
  • Nails: If you plan on a mani/pedi, do it today, so there’s no risk of smudging.
  • Eyebrow maintenance.


  • Have a good breakfast: skipping a meal today isn’t going to make your dress fit any differently.  Drink lots of water – it’ll make your skin glow.
  • Bathe: a nice long soak in the tub will relax you. Put your hair up, don’t get it wet. When you’re done, dry off really well, then moisturize with a yummy smelling body butter.
  • Take your time: Make sure you have plenty of time to get ready so you don’t have to rush.
  • Have a blast!


Enjoy your big night – and don’t forget – the best way to make the night memorable is by booking a car with Austin Choice Limo – we want to be your car service for Austin Prom 2014. Town Cars, Limos, Stretch Hummers and party buses – we can do it all. Check out our website for more information, or call us at (512) 690-3378  – already know you want to hire us? Book online!

Austin Choice Limo is the premiere choice for prom transportation. Let us help you make your prom a memorable one!





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