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Austin Prom 2014 – A Timeline for Guys

Austin Prom 2014 – A Timeline for Guys



1 month out (NOW)

  • Reserve a limo – we said this before in the Prom Timeline for Girls, but if you have decided to rent a limo, town car or party bus for the big night, the time is nigh. Car services book up very quickly this time of year and to make sure you get the ride you want, book early. Call Austin Choice Limo now at (512) 690-3378 or click here to Reserve Online.
  • Rent your tux – Just like limos, tux rental places book up fast. Go try on tuxes and pick one you like, and reserve it. Go with your mom or your date or your sister – not your friends – or they’ll talk you into a powder blue ruffled number.
  • Find a date – now’s the time to ask your girl. She’ll need time to plan. The trend now is elaborate “promposals” – but if you’re not a grand gesture kind of guy, a simple, yet sincere invitation will still likely gain you a “yes” from the right girl. Don’t text. If you can’t do it in person then at least call her on the phone. Don’t have a special someone? You can have a blast with a big group of friends, or go stag and see where the night takes you!

3 weeks out

  • Make dinner reservations – if you’re going with a date, this is your responsibility. Depending on your budget, find a nice quiet place you can talk with your date. If the budget is limited, consider buying a picnic lunch and eating in the park.
  • Order flowers – you’ll need to get her a corsage. Ask her the color of her dress – and this is important – the style. There are two types of corsages, one that pins to her dress and one that goes on her wrist like a bracelet. If her dress is strapless, the pin won’t work, and if her dress has long flowing sleeves, the wrist corsage won’t work!

2 weeks out

  • Make appointments – did you know that girls make appointments to get their hair and make-up done by professionals? You’ll want to get your hair cut for sure – make the appointment for at least a couple of days before prom – but also consider getting a professional shave the day of prom. You’ll look great and it’s very soothing and relaxing!
  • Work out your after-party plans – discuss this with your parents! Make sure everyone has clear-cut expectations on where you’ll be and what time you’ll be home. You don’t want a fight the day of prom. Start your negotiations now.

1 week out

  • Check your tux rental – computers go down, notes get lost. Call the shop where you rented your tux and make sure everything is correct.
  • Check your limo reservation – Call the reservations line at your limo company and make sure they’ve got everything correctly entered. If you’ve hired us here at Austin Choice Limo this probably isn’t necessary, we do things right, but we’re always happy to check things out for you!

The day before

  • Haircut – get your haircut today, not the day of prom. You don’t want little hairs tickling your neck all night.
  • Call your date – if you’re going with a special someone, call her up and tell her how excited you are! (A text is fine, too!)

The big day!

  • Pick up your tux – go pick up your tux and before you leave, make sure it’s what you requested!
  • Get a shave – if you can, hit a barber and get a professional shave – it’s awesome, trust us.
  • Have fun!!


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