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F1 Transportation

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F1 Transportation

Brace yourself, F1 fans: This shot of the track at COTA may be the last empty roadway you see for a while.

Ready for the insane crush of traffic expected during Austin’s inaugural F1 event in November?

F1 transportation, the airport says it’s ready. Cap Metro does too. But what about racing fans? In case they need help, the hosts of the Grand Prix unveiled some general guidance, which you may or may not find to be the most obvious advice imaginable. It won’t be long before throngs of racing fans converge at the new Circuit of The Americas race track east of Austin for the U.S. Grand Prix Formula One race and transportation becomes the first priority.

COTA officials announced the two year plan in the making. Austin, DPS and consulting firms have worked with track officials to formulate a safe and efficient process for the patrons, employees, vendors and media to get to and from the site, according to COTA.

“We will have guests arriving to the circuit by car, charter bus, helicopter, taxi, limousine and shuttle bus. Our free shuttle bus service will transport up to 50 percent of ticketed guests to the circuit each day of the Grand Prix and will help reduce the number of vehicles on the road and provide a turn-key transportation solution for guests without access to on-site parking. Additionally, we have a designated cyclist route to a nearby shuttle bus location.”Steve Sexton

For more details about F1 Transportation guidelines from COTA can be found on KXAN’s site.

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Austin F1 Transportation Tips

F1 track owners Circuit of the Americas issued a statement today detailing a “comprehensive plan” to expedite traffic to the track. The COTA team’s general guidelines include:

  1. Carpooling to the COTA site
  2. Budgeting enough time.

    “Attendees should expect to add at least one hour to their travel time to get to their shuttle Park + Ride location and at least 90 minutes to get from their lodgings to the Circuit with an on-site parking pass.”

  3. Not bringing stuff you’re not supposed to (Booze, animals, “illegal substances”)
  4. Using the directions you’re given with your ticket. “Please follow printing directions rather than GPS-identified routes.”
  5. Expecting traffic and its delays
  6. Planning to spend all day at the Circuit
  7. Dressing appropriately, presumably so you won’t need to leave the premises.

You can learn more on the COTA website.

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