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10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Limo

Most people only think of renting a limo when they are planning a wedding. While it’s true that weddings are the most popular type of event for a limo service, there are many other great occasions when a limo can make the day that much more special. If you’re planning any of the following events, you might want to consider adding Austin Choice limo service:


You’ve been planning for the big show for months. You’ve got the perfect outfit picked out, tickets in hand, and you’re ready to get a little crazy. Why not arrive at the concert in style? A limo ride to the arena will give you time to warm up with a couple drinks and get you in the mood to party like a rock star.

Sporting Events

Sure you could stay home and watch The Big Game on TV, but you know there’s nothing like being in the stadium surrounded by the roar of the crowd. Get a limo for you and your buddies to and from the game and you’ll not only get to throw back a few brewskis en route, you’ll be able to watch the post game commentary on ESPN in real time.


Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime evening and most teens spend months planning the perfect date–the dress, dinner and corsage! It can only be made better by a professional limo service. Regardless of whether they are King and Queen of the prom, your teens will feel like royalty pulling up to their dance on the big night.

Anniversary or Romantic Date

It’s a special date night for the two of you—maybe even an anniversary. Why not surprise her with a limo ride to wherever you’ve planned your date? Toast your love with a bottle of champagne, set the mood with some romantic music, and roll up the tinted windows.

Impress Important Clients

You want to show your client that you value them and that you’re serious about keeping their business. A limo to take them to and from your important meeting, or a big lunch will tell them you’ll go the extra mile to keep them happy.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Your ‘last night of freedom’ and you want to get your party on. Don’t worry about making one of your friends draw straws to be the designated driver! Forget about driving in circles looking for parking! A limo can take you safely from place to place all night and deliver you home safely and in time for your trip down the aisle.


It’s your birthday! Why not go out on the town with a few of your closest friends and celebrate? A limo is the perfect way to stay safe and make your birthday celebration one for the ages.


Celebrating years of dedication and hard work culminating in your graduation calls for nothing but the best! Take your friends and family to the ceremony in a luxurious limo, and then out on the town afterwards for a celebratory dinner!


Your young lady is ready to sparkle at her quincenera! Why wouldn’t you take her to the party in any thing but a limo? She and her friends will be thrilled to pull up to the event like the celebrities they are for the night.

Just For the Heck of It!

Who says you need a special occasion to take a limo? Treat yourself and your loved ones to a limo ride just because you can. Maybe you think your wife has been working too hard and could use a special night out. Maybe your husband got a promotion. There’s no reason not to call a professional, affordable limo service any time you’re ready to go in style!

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