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Special Events

Austin Special Events Limo Service

With all the special events in Austin, traffic can be a nightmare. Avoid the headaches! Choose Austin’s choice transportation service – Austin Choice!

Austin Special Events Transportation

We all cherish those special moments of celebration, from bachelorette parties to proms, from graduations to Sweet Sixteen birthdays. These are special times you’ll want to make more memorable by booking a special event limo service from Austin Choice Limo:

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Marriage is a wonderful blessing. But as much as the wedding is memorable, sometimes, it’s the parties before the wedding that make it even more special – the bachelor and bachelorette party. It’s a last chance for the best of friends to hang out together, remembering times that forged their special bond. Pay tribute to your friends, and celebrate this rite of passage in style! Get together in a special event limo, like our popular SUV stretch limousine, to head out for your night on the town. And don’t worry about choosing a designated driver—leave that to us!


As a parent, few days bring more pride than graduation day. That’s when the years of tireless love and dedication to your child’s success pay off. It’s the moment when your son or daughter face the world, ready to tackle the challenges that will come. As a gesture of your love, and a sign of your conviction in future success, give a gift of luxury by booking one of our special event limos for the ride to and from this life-changing event.


The prom is one event of every school year your teen looks forward to all year. But as exciting as the prom is for your son or daughter, you may face it with concern. Drinking and driving are a deadly blend, and a particularly dangerous threat to teens on prom night. Remove that worry from your life by booking car service for your son or daughter. Your teen will be excited, and you’ll be relieved!

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Parties

Your daughter is growing up! It seems like only yesterday she colored a picture for you to hang on the fridge. As she transforms from girl to woman before your eyes, let her know you love the woman she’s becoming, even though she’ll always be your little girl. Arrange for her to ride in a luxury limousine to this special moment!
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