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Limo Lifestyles: The Progressive Dinner

progressivei dinnerHave you been on a progressive dinner?  “What’s that,” you might ask.  A progressive dinner is where a group of people – ideally 8 to 10 – enjoy a meal together with each course at a different location. Locations can vary from the participants’ homes to various restaurants around town.

If your progressive dinner is at people’s homes, the recipes should be easy, something new to enjoy together. If it’s a night on the town, choose locations to accommodate your party’s schedule and tastes.

The number of stops you make will depend on the number of people participating. If you’re visiting 4 or 5 homes, it’s fairly easy to divide up a meal into cocktails, appetizers, soup/salad, main course, dessert, and after dinner cocktails/coffee. If you’re going to various restaurants instead, you have even more flexibility, though you may be subject to restaurant seating availability and speed of service. Consider reservations whenever possible, allowing for at least 45 minutes per course. Travel time between locations will, of course, depend on how close the locations are to each other.

Doing a progressive dinner by limo makes the evening even more enjoyable.  Each member of the party is picked up at their home; beverages will be waiting in the car, so consider this your first course – cocktails!

At your first stop, enjoy light appetizers and conversation. Remember -there are several stops and more than one course, so give yourselves plenty of time and digestive room! Consider a holiday-themed icebreaker game to get everyone ready for the evening together. If it’s’ holiday time, caroling can get the party started; if it’s at other times of the year, karaoke just might do the trick.

Once appetizers are finished, your next location will be the salad/soup course. Enjoy soul-warming soups or crisp salads and conversation.

Next, we will whisk you to your main course/entrée location. Be sure to schedule plenty of time for this stop, as this is where you’ll spend most of your evening. We suggest at least 1.5 hours, but you may find your party needs 2 to 3.

After the main course has settled a bit, desserts are next on the menu! Cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream – whatever makes your party happy.

If you have enough locations, your next stop can be after dinner drinks/coffee. If there are too few locations to make this a separate stop, consider including this piece in with dessert.

After everyone is pleasantly full of delicious food and drink, we will take each person home without worry for alcohol consumption or that happily drowsy feeling that follows a good meal and fun time with friends.

Call us now to reserve your limo and we can help you plan your progressive dinner.  What can be better than an evening of friendship, food and fun, all from the luxury of your limousine.


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