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Business Travel Using An Executive Car Service

car serviceYou’ve got an important meeting to attend.  You’ve been working on your presentation for a week and now, the time has arrived.  You’d love to have a few minutes before you get there to go over your notes but, unfortunately, you’re stuck in rush-hour traffic.  Now, you’re certain to feel rushed and harried as you get to the office, with no time to check yourself and confirm you’ve got the right notes in your briefcase.

Or your business is taking you to Dallas for the day.  You could take a flight, arriving an hour before the flight takes off, wait in the security line, barely catch that flight, take the 45-minute hop to Dallas, get off the plane, then track down a cab to take you to where your destination.  Total time spent?  Five hours, if you’re lucky.

There is a solution to that frazzled feeling.  Many smart business people have chosen to hire an executive car service for those days when driving themselves is just one more hassle on a day filled with potential.

Wait – hire a car service?  Isn’t that expensive?  Actually, it’s not, when you consider why you’re thinking about it.  You need the time it takes to get to your destination to make sure you’re at your best, instead of arriving irritated, with frayed nerves.

When you take a plane trip, especially a shorter one, you spend a lot of time standing around waiting.  With an executive car service, your professional, trained and courteous driver picks you up at your door.  Coffee is at hand for you to enjoy on the trip.  You have the opportunity to conduct business on the go, because someone else is paying attention to the road; no need to worry about hands-free mobile devices.  You arrive at your destination, refreshed and ready to go.  Once your business is completed, your driver meets you at the curb, ready to take you home in comfort and style, without the hassle of evening rush-hour traffic.

The same is true when you use an in-town executive car service.  Your drive may be shorter, but you still have the advantage of being able to conduct business on your way in.  You can review your notes, rehearse your presentation or just relax before the big meeting.

Hiring an executive car service for business travel, whether in town or further afield, takes the hassle out of your morning and evening commutes, especially on those days when you have bigger things to worry about.  It doesn’t have to be an every-day thing; but it makes those days you use it more productive and you begin and finish your day without the rushed feeling of driving yourself.

Call us now to talk about how we can make your business go more smoothly, by reserving your executive car service today.

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