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Hill Country Wine Tour Limo In Style

hill country wine 1Wine can mean many things, depending on your culture and the situation.  It can signal romance.  It can be a comfort on a dark, rainy night.  It can add flavor to a meal or an infusion of richness to dessert.  With wine being such a good companion, though, it’s easy to fall into a rut of drinking the same wines, over and over.  How can you find new, different wines to pair with your coming dinner party?  What about a Hill Country Wine Tour, doing it in style with a professional, experienced driver at the helm?

In Central Texas, we’re fortunate to live close to some of the richest vineyards in the country.  The Texas Hill Country boasts 42 (at last count) wineries and vineyards, each bringing their unique flavors to glasses around the U.S.  There are dozens of companies hosting Wine Tours, but why settle for their list of the best?  Why not make up your own?

Where to start?  At your own front door.  Some approach their wine adventure as a great opportunity to spend time with friends.  Ask your local wine and spirits store for their recommendations on the best Hill Country wines, pick up a few bottles and host a wine tasting at home.  You don’t have to try all 42 wines; some like reds more than whites and vice versa.  Choose your favorite type of wine (red or white, mild or deep, springy or biting) and sample the same types of wine from different wineries.  Those you like go on your list to visit and discard those you didn’t enjoy as much.

wine tour mapNext stop – plan your route.  Texas Hill Country vineyards range from Fredericksburg and Kerrville to New Braunfels and even Austin.  If your tastes range across the entire area, plan to take a wine tour each month, until you’ve sampled your favorites.  You can even add other vineyards to your trip – you might be surprised what you will find!

How do you get there?  You certainly do not want to be driving yourselves, especially because you will be drinking alcohol most of the day and into the evening; safety, especially driving unfamiliar roads, needs to play a big part in your plans.  Hiring a car service or limousine, such as those offered by Austin Choice Limousine, gets your trip started in style.  Comfortable, large enough to fit your entire party and completely stocked, choosing a car service to escort you to the various vineyards is not only smart, but it adds to the special feeling of your adventure.

Austin Choice Limousine’s drivers are trained, courteous and professional.  They will arrive at your pickup spot on time and ensure your comfort every step of the way.  They know the best vineyards in the Hill Country and can get you there and back safely and in style.

Some of the most requested vineyards are only a few hours from Austin, including:

  • Becker Vineyards;
  • Fredericksburg Winery;
  • Pedernales Cellars;
  • Torre di Pietra.

We can pick the vineyards to visit for you, but better yet, choose your own favorites.  Your driver will bring you right to the front door.  Take your time sampling; you will still get home safe and sound, with the best Texas Hill Country has to offer.  Whether you pick your own favorites or choose one of our tours, you will be sure to have a unique adventure.  Book your Texas Hill Country Wine Tour today!

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